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When confronted with a cuddly cat, the lizard simply continues to lizard.

I will never not reblog this.

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It’s a mystery!


It’s a mystery!

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Heads up guys, soon I’m going to be splitting my blog into two. This will remain my blog for cosplays and geeky anime and game related reblogs, but my more serious work, such as photography and art, as well as reblogs related to such, will go to a new blog. When I’m done fixing it up I will link you. <3
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From their Ferguson/racism shirts. They tagged our blog in their update post.

Any donation to a legitimate charity/cause that helps Mike Brown’s family and Ferguson is a good thing.

But the fact remains that FCKH8 are a for-profit company and are directly profiting off this tragedy. They do…

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how does it get on the ball

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This is great. Just the three of us.

You.. me..

and this brick wall you built between us.

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