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My TWD thoughts/rant (and I usually don’t do this) while attempting to not spoil too much (if you haven’t finished the first half of the latest season don’t read. If you still read I’m not responsible. If you’ve watched it, I’m trying not to spoil too much of it all):

This episode ended with alot of people hating Carl. Here’s what I see (I will spill that this ep centered around, specifically, Rick, Carl, and Michonne) - EVERYONE is trying to let out all those pent up emotions. If anyone watched The Talking Dead after the show, Danai’s response to the questions about Michonne just at the beginning of the show sums it up.

Everyone was safe and quite comfortable. Everyone has still gone through so much, each has their own different stories and are coping in their own ways, and they got to where they were relaxed for some time. They all just had this ripped away from them, in a very violent way to point out.

Michonne has held back ALL emotions, which is why she seemed so self-conflicted. Throughout everything, it’s like she’s going through all these decisions, all these thoughts of who she really is and what she wants to do. If she wants to go back to being who she was before meeting Andrea and everyone at the prison, or find the will to keep searching for those who had survived. She has to choose whether she wants life or death.

Carl? He has been growing up in the zombie apocalypse. Growing up in the real world is hard enough. Yes, believe it or not (because people freaking forget what it’s like to be a kid, maybe I never grew up so I understand… or maybe I try to look through other people’s eyes) kids DO go through a “bratty” stage. They start going through puberty (which he’s pretty much at that age to mention), they all argue with their parents (even if as adults they will never admit so, the “I was perfect and never did the stuff kids now do” complex), they all get huffy, and they all have to live through things a LITTLE on their own to understand they’re not quite adults YET. On top of that, I can sympathize with Carl a little bit on this one thing as well too - when you go through SO MUCH, some people just need to have time ALONE or they snap. I know I do. When I’ve been through too much, if I’m not given my space, if I’m around people too long, I do get a little more hostile towards them and need to be left alone. That’s probably another reason why Carl needed to go and have his alone time… when you’ve got too many pent up emotions you do tend to say and do things that aren’t quite you anyways.
When he comes back from his little walk, and has a little scare (not saying for the sake of not getting bitched out for spoiling crap -.-; ) he realizes he was wrong, and then comes a scene which was pulled straight from the comics. That is how teenagers in the REAL world learn. They have to realize things for themselves that they were wrong.
EVERYONE goes through a rebellious stage anyways, admit it or not.

If anyone saw the previews before the ep premiered - the crew DID say that the show was taking a turn towards a more PSYCHOLOGICAL take on everything. Everyone’s separated, they’ve had their safe haven ripped from them, they don’t know who’s alive and who’s dead - they don’t know if they’re even going to survive. It will show what the zombie apocalypse would do to the mentality of a survivor. I find the whole Carl issue one of the most psychological, as well as the two little girls (even though it hasn’t shown them yet) - they’re KIDS, mere kids, growing up in a screwed up dying world.


Breaking down doors

Expectation vs. Reality

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Straight from the comics

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This is all I’m probably going to remember from this episode later on…


This is all I’m probably going to remember from this episode later on…

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“Only a student who kills someone can leave. It’s a very simple rule.”

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I got nervous and pushed him away...

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Our souls will be together forever | \(★´−`)人(´▽`)/
Watashitachi no tamashi wa eien ni isshoninaru |

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